December 2015

Dick Peglowski KE4SAV

Dick Peglowski KE4SAV accepting Ham of The Year from President Keith Ainsley KG4ZXK
Dick Peglowski KE4SAV accepting Ham of The Year from President Keith Ainsley KG4ZXK

CARS December Christmas dinner meeting was held at Kelly’s Tavern on Battlefield Blvd December 7th, 2015.  Dick Peglowski KE4SAV, Immediate Past President was awarded The Bob Armstrong Ham Of The Year award for 2015.  CONGRATULATIONS Dick! Thank you for your service as President of CARS.

Duane Ettwein KJ4YKG receives an award from Shawn Landis of the VA Defense Force
Duane Ettwein KJ4YKG receives an award from Shawn Landis of the VA Defense Force

Duane Ettwein KJ4YKG received an award from Shawn Landis for his services he lent to the Virginia Defense Force in a recent drill.  Duane helped the group with setting up cross-band repeat to assist the group in achieving their goals in the drill.  Congratulations Duane!

Mother Nature and the bridge tried their best to stop us from having an enjoyable evening at Kelly’s Tavern on Battlefield Blvd but the elements and the bridge did not dampen the spirits of those who were able to attend.   A few who were going to come could not make it due to unforeseen work or other issues and were missed.

The club membership voted to approve the following new member applications to CARS:

Joe Ostrowski, KI5FJ
Dominic Lafrato, KE3SY
Norm Harris, K4NDH
Mike McSherrym KM4NNE
Mike Chisena, KA2ZEV

Duane Ettwein KJ4YKG is the 2016 Springfest Chairman.  We are sure to expect great things from Duane in this position. Please read his article concerning the results of this year’s Battle of Great Bridge Special Event Station that is going to be posted shortly.

As the club is aware, Jim Morgan, NA3Z, stepped down as Communications Officer due to the demands of work and home life have on him at this time.  The Board of Directors agreed to accept Norm Harris, K4NDH, to fill out the remainder of Jim’s term as Communications Officer of CARS.  Norm, a past president, has extensive experience of CARS and the shack.  He is a welcome addition to the CARS team.  

CARS now has a club historian.  Ron Liston, KK4LRW has agreed to tackle the task of pulling all the photos and stories that makes up Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service and give us the ability to share our story to all.  From the beginning to the present.  So if you have any stories and/or photos, videos, etc. of CARS activities throughout the years, please get with Ron and let him work with you to pull all of this together.

Please congratulate and welcome these members into their various roles in CARS. 

Now as the thoughts of the holiday season, as well as spending time with family and friends are upon us you will get a breather from all my emails (hi hi).  However, I will be working on getting things ready for all members to have an account on  What this will allow you to do is comment on articles that are published as well as post your own questions, items for sale, etc.  I have already tapped one tester to help, Buzz, KD4CXI, I would like a few more people who would like to be added and have a go of going through the system and see how things work.  This is not an account where you have admin rights so if you are worried about messing up something don’t be.  This is just to start seeing how you as a user can interact with the web site.  See an article that is posted, you can comment, others can start a conversation thread based to expand on the previous comments.  Are you one of our newer members who is wanting to ask a question or need some help then you can post it here and all can see it and answer you. So please watch your emails for more information.  I may go ahead and start adding members to the user roster.  So if you see an email from asking you to set your password, it’s from the club and is legit.  You can also go to the site and request to receive an email whenever a new post is added to the blog/article section of the site. What you have to do is go to one of the articles and look to the sidebar on the right.  You will see the option to get an email whenever something new is added.  I do not believe it will alert when you the main page changes but I know everyone will try and check the website as often as they can for new information.  As stated in the past if you are a Facebook user, you can follow the clubs Facebook Page ( as well as follow @W4CAR on Twitter. There is also a Twitter widget on the article pages showing the previous 5 posts from w4car. When new articles or posts are added those links receive an immediate update.

Keep an eye on the calendar. Next CARS Board of Directors Meeting is Tuesday, December 15th at 7:30PM at the hamshack. Shack Day is December 19th and we will have a couple of projects going on.  One will be work on the dipole that was hung but has high SWR readings.  The other will be working on turning the projector around to the other wall and making sure everything is ready for our January meeting and Presentation.  Which will be on the recent Gitmo DXpedition from original CARS founder, Bill Verberly W4WV.  Bill and his lovely XYL were able to join us this evening.  

Don’t forget it’s time to get your CARS dues in for the upcoming year. If you were not able to pay tonight, Tom the treasurer will be at shack day on the 19th and if you would like to attend the clubs board meeting on the 15th, I’m sure he can accept your payment there as well.

As we close out 2015 and head into another year, I am looking forward to seeing CARS do great things in 2016.  I am proud to have been allowed the privilege of serving as your President. CARS has some of the most interesting people I have had the pleasure of meeting.  I pray that each and every one of you have a wonderful holiday season. Be safe and I look forward to hopefully hearing you on the air or seeing you at one of the upcoming meetings.

Keith Ainsley, KG4ZXK
Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service