Shamrock Marathon Needs Coms Operators

Tom Moore, WS9B, sent an email asking that I pass the word to CARS folks that the Shamrock Marathon need more hams to provide comm support for the event. If you’re interested in helping with the event contact Tom at 757-464-3482 or send an email to Via Barry, K5VIP

CARES AUXCOMM Set (Simulated Emergency Test) – Operation Tsunami 2018

CARES has registered to operate as a Ham Radio Station for this AUXCOMM Simulated Emergency Test event from the CARS clubhouse from 8am-2pm on January 27th, 2018. This information is for a Simulated Emergency Test and not an actual emergency! CARES AUXCOMM Set (Simulated Emergency Test) – Operation Tsunami 2018

ARRL EC-001 – Introduction to Emergency Communication Course (Rescheduled for Monday Evening Due to Weather)

(The Jan 6th Saturday Session for this course has been rescheduled for Monday Evening Jan 8th @ 6pm Due to Weather) CARES will be hosting the ARRL EC-001 “Introduction to Emergency Communication” Course at the CARS clubhouse & will be open to all amateur radio operators. If you are interested Read More …