146.61 MHz repeater back up and is running Yaesu System Fusion

Bill, WF4R, reports the 146.61 MHz repeater at Bowers Hill is operational again and is now running the new System Fusion digital system that the City of Chesapeake purchased. 

On analog you need the 162.2 Hz tone for access and at this moment I don’t know if tone squelch is active. As soon as I have that information we will post. Repeater should be operating for both analog and digital communications. 

Attached is the picture of the new repeater installation. There is still some tweaking to be done in regards to the city’s distribution amplifier so it would be nice to get some members to test out the new radio. Especially those that can run both digital and analog. 

The city has been given the antennas we purchased to have installed on Butts Station tower and get the 146.82 and 444.000 systems back on the air. 

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