CARS awarded the Governor’s 2021 Virginia Fire Service Award for Civilian Excellence in Virginia Fire Service Support

We are proud to announced that the Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service (CARS) was recognized with the Governor’s 2021 Virginia Fire Service Award for Civilian Excellence in Virginia Fire Service Support!

In his nomination letter, City of Chesapeake, VA Fire Chief EE Elliott specifically cited CARS members for “the critical service they provide greatly enhances the capability of both the Fire and Police Departments should normal communication systems be disabled due a severe weather event.” The City of Chesapeake has made a major commitment to public safety and included Amateur Radio very early in the planning stages. The station (KO4TNA) we developed for the City uses the latest SDR Flex Radios permanently located at their EOC with prime tower antenna positions.

“They are a group of highly skilled, community-minded volunteers working diligently to help protect the citizens of Virginia from the devastating effects of natural and man-made disasters.”

Governors 2021 Fire Service Award

Chief Elliot also noted that “in 2018, the new City of Chesapeake Public Safety Operations Center (PSOC) was constructed, with space dedicated specifically for CARS to have a permanent radio communications station. CARS members were instrumental in designing, furnishing and equipping this station with the latest technology in HAM radio communications. During activations of the City’s Emergency Operations Center, our CARS team members respond to power up emergency communications. This system ensures the City of Chesapeake, as well as the region as far as Richmond, will have worldwide emergency communications even when all other systems are down.”

Several CARS members were able to attend the ceremony on Wednesday February 23, 2022 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The club would like to publicly recognize John Cooper N3JC for his dedication and effort in supporting the PSOC and assembling the team of local hams working behind the scenes to run KO4TNA.

CARS Members attending the Award Ceremony
Dennis K4DGW, Club ARES (CARES) Chairman Van KM4KBS, CARS Club President Mike WM4ST, John N3JC, Bill N3WM, and John KX4GI