Operators needed for 2022 Shamrock 8k & Marathons

It is that time of year for Shamrock 8K on March 19, 2022 and ½ Marathon and Full Marathon March 20, 2022.
  • We are looking for 13 people for the 8K run.
  • We are looking for 60 people for the ½ Marathon and Full Marathon.

If interested please contact Tom at WS9B@cox.net with the following information:

  • Which race(s) you want to help with.,
  • Your radio capabilities, like mobile rig, can crossband and know how to set it up, even a new HT. This helps us decide where we can put you.

We are also looking for someone to ride with one of the Course Coordinators (for marathons) at this time.

Pre-race Meeting

We will have a pre-race meeting on March 17, 2022 at 6:30 PM in the front of the Virginia Beach Convention Center.

Race Frequencies

We would like everyone to program in their radio’s 147.045, 146.97, 147.3 and 444.95 as simplex frequencies (No Tones). It provides a backup if repeater goes down.
NOTE: VBARES/Public Service has selected three (3) crossband frequencies:
  • 445.775
  • 445.875
  • 445.85.

We have also selected three 2M frequencies for simplex operation (all 3 will use ENCODE and DECODE tone of 233.6):

  • 147.57
  • 147.405
  • 147.51

Please add to your programming file or manually enter the above frequencies for all your radios.

If all else bring radio and programming cable to Virginia Beach Club meeting and I will try and program it for you with all the frequencies above.

If you plan on crossbanding please coordinate if with Terry or myself. That way we can let other people near you of additional ways to contact Net Control.

We will be using the 444.95 repeater and hopefully the 147.3 repeater for races.

Again, if you are able to support, please contact Tom at WS9B@cox.net.

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