Tomorrow is the start of FIELD DAY 2016!  We will be at Deep Creek Locks Park.  We have the entire park for our use this weekend.   The address is 201 Luray Street in Chesapeake (Deep Creek hi hi!).

The plan is to meet up at the clubhouse at 8:00 AM to grab what gear we are taking to the park and then head out to the park to start setting up.

We want to have operators to get on the air and have fun.  If you  would like to come out and work the radio for an hour, several hours, all day, then please come one out and let’s have fun!  We will be going probably 4A and running a 6M station.

Not sure if the GOTA station has been confirmed.  Check with Steve, KE8YN.

Also, if you told Paul, K4PRB, you wanted dinner, please have your money for your meal at Field Day please.  He’s had to pay the supplier and it would be helpful.  Remember, the club Is picking up the difference.

So have a good nights sleep, dream of DX and all the modes we can operate and come on out and let’s have some fun playing radio. If you are on Facebook follow us on our club page.  I will try and have some live video feeds on our Facebook page sometime during the event.

The mayor may not to be able to attend but I understand someone from city council and a few folks from emergency management are supposed to come by and say hello.

Look forward to seeing everyone.  Got someone who isn’t a ham but is interested?  Let’s get them in front of a radio and see what we do.  Maybe they are shy about grabbing a mike, but we can get them to help log and listen to what the operators are doing.

We would love to have everyone attend our Field Day but if you know anyone looking to take a license exam, the Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club (VBARC) will be having an exam session at 10:00 AM tomorrow at Great Neck Park (Behind Cox High School in Virginia Beach).  Email Ed Williams, KN4KL for more information.

Take care!

President, CARS

Hurricane Flyer-FD

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