CARS Membership Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service (CARS) club. We value our members and hope we can help you along your way in becoming or furthering your amateur radio skills. We enjoy the time spent together at our clubhouse meeting local radio operators as well as our time spent on the airwaves together. Come join us at our next monthly club meeting if you can (See our homepage or Calendar for latest updates).

We have 4 levels of membership available:

  • Regular: A person holding an amateur radio license and over 18 years of age. Dues are $20/year.
  • Family: A person holding an amateur radio license, over 18 years of age, and living in the same residence as a regular member. Dues are $10/year for each Family member.
  • Youth: A person holding an amateur radio license and 18 years of age or younger. Dues are $10/year.
  • Associate: A person, no age restriction, working toward their amateur license or persons interested in the activities of the club may participate without voting privileges. Dues are $10/year.

Feel free to fill out our online Club Membership Application. Your application is vetted and voted on at our next Board Of Directors meeting before going to our members for voting at our next months club meeting. We hope you will enjoy the many hobbies, presentations, hands on activities, and events throughout the year our other members enjoy.

** Online CARS Club Membership Application Form **

Alternatively, you can download the membership application below and submit it to



** CARS Club Membership Application Form (.pdf) **