Repeater Systems

CARS operates and maintains 4 repeater systems in the area for the use of our members as well as to aid local officials in the event of the need for emergency communications traffic:

2 Meter:
146.820, -0.6 MHz, PL 162.2, Analog FM/C4FM (W4CAR)
146.610, -0.6 MHz, PL 162.2 (W4CAR)
145.150, -0.6 MHz, PL 103.5, Analog FM/C4FM (K4AMG)

70 Centimeter:
444.000, +5 MHz, PL 162.2, Analog FM/C4FM/WIRES-X (W4CAR)

Repeater Details

The repeaters are the VHF 146.820 Repeater located in the Greenbrier section of the City of Chesapeake.  We also operated a UHF repeater, 444.000 at the same location.  Both repeaters use a PL tone of 162.2 Hz to access the system in analog mode. The repeater systems also transmits a 162.2 tone for those stations that wish to use tone squelch on their system.

Our VHF & UHF systems  now run Yaesu “System Fusion” digital technology.  This technology will allow the system to not only handle voice traffic but digital communications as well and as the same time digital voice is being used.  The system will automatically switch from analog to digital depending on the system that’s trying to access the system. If the need arises, the system can be forced to work strictly in analog or digital mode.  The 146.820 Mhz repeater was converted over to Yaesu from Motorola on Friday, March 3rd, 2017.

CARS maintains a city owned amateur repeater system in the Bower’s Hill section of Chesapeake.  The Frequency is 146.610 with a 162.2 Hz tone. This repeater will also be converted over to Yaesu System Fusion Digital in the near future.

CARS also maintains the K4AMG VHF repeater on 145.150 located in the Great Bridge section of the City of Chesapeake. This repeater uses a PL tone of 103.5 Hz and supports both conventional FM modulation and C4FM digital (Yaesu System Fusion).

These systems are open for all licensed amateur radio operators to use. If you would like to listen to our 146.820 Repeater in Greenbrier section of the City of Chesapeake it is being streamed online using the Broadcastify service, Click Here for more information on how to listen now.