Adobe to kill off Flash in January’s Creative Cloud update

About time!

Adobe’s embrace of HTML5 has created its first big casualty: Flash. Not the Flash Player browser plugin—Adobe said in 2012 that it would continue supporting the plugin for the next five to 10 years—but Flash Professional, the main authoring tool used to create Flash animations.

With the Creative Cloud update coming in January, Flash Professional will sport a new name: Adobe Animate CC. It will still be able to produce Flash (SWF) files and will also continue to support Adobe’s standalone AIR runtime, but it also supports building for HTML5 Canvas and WebGL. Adobe says that a third of all content produced in Flash Professional is now HTML5-based, showing that the shift away from its proprietary browser technology is well underway. Flash Professional isn’t just for Flash; it’s for all kinds of timeline-based interactive animations. The name change makes sense.

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