Battle of Great Bridge Special Event Station 2016 Recap

Well the 2015 Battle of Great Bridge (BoGB) Special Event is history and what an event it was.  We had 13 operators making 334 contacts operating 12 hours over two days.  This by far beats any prior BoGB Special Event that I have been involved with in both the number of contacts and operators.  I would like to give a special thanks and a job well done to the following operators:

  • David Gary, KD4VID – First time Special Event or contest operator.  David made 17 contacts.
  • Richard Siff, W4BUE
  • Bill Runyon, WF4R
  • Steve Nowak, KE8YN
  • James Shelton, N4CVN – A record breaking 119 contacts in two hours on 20M
  • Keith Ainsley, KG4ZXK
  • Tom Mitchell, K4SF
  • David & Barbara Girardin, KH2XM/KH2XN – First time operators on HF let alone any type of contest or special event.  They worked as a team and made 29 contacts.
  • Bob McKenney, NI3R – First time on a special event.  Bob made 11 contacts
  • Franklin Kennedy, KI4TPD
  • Ron Liston, KK4LRW
  • Duane Ettwein, KJ4YKG

I would also like to thank Ron Liston, KK4LRW for taking photos of the club’s operation as well as the battle event going on outside.  I hope to use one of his photos in the certificate for this year’s event.  Also a well-deserved thanks goes out to our President Keith, KG4ZXK for all the support he gave to me executing this event.  And finally, I would like to thank the club members who dropped by to give us support.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that this year’s BoGB event was the best one ever and that everyone that came to the shack had a good time working the stations and socializing.  I for one had a great time.

BZ and 73.

Duane, KJ4YKG

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  1. To everyone who took part in this event I want to congratulate each and every one of you for a job well done! You should be proud of all you accomplished during this event.

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