CARS has a few more Social Media outlets

CARS now has a couple of more ways to reach the masses in addition to Facebook.  CARS official Twitter account is @W4CAR and we are also on Google +.  Each time CARS has a post on the website that information will go out automatically from the website to Facebook, Twitter and Google + where it’s set up to reach the public and especially people interested in Amateur Radio.  You will also notice at the bottom of each post the ability for you to share an item on either of these services yourself if you have a personal account established.  Just click and go.

You can also sign up for an email to alert you to new content being published on the website by putting your email in the box in the right window subscribe to blog via email link.

Google Plus Name too long to list here until they approve our shorter url.

Update… Looks like Google is having a cow with the page for the club there.  Posts are going but the page isn’t showing to the public.  Waiting to hear back from Google on this. – Ed.

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