Club email reflector

The issues surrounding not all ISPs accepting our reflector emails are being resolved. I would ask all members who have signed up on the email reflector to try using it and see how it works.

This is a great way for members to advertise equipment for sale, ask for help and advice, etc.

If you have not signed up on the reflector list, go to the reflector menu item at the top of the page and follow the prompts.

Key things to remember:

The email address you sign up with is the email account you have to send emails from to use the reflector. If you send from an email account that is not registered, that email will be rejected.

This is not a list that’s intended for people’s spam emails such as jokes, etc. Use your own distribution list for such posts please.

To send an email to the reflector address the email to: REFLECTOR@W4CAR.ORG.

You can also set things such as getting individual emails, or getting a digest of the mail that has been sent to the reflector.

Main thing is to remember your password.  If you need to make changes, such as change the email address that is used, or delivery options, you are able to sign in and make those changes yourself.

So please start giving the reflector a try so we can monitor and make sure the identify and security fixes are working.

If you think something is not working please let us know.

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