Club Monthly Meeting 11/7/16 7:30 PM

Just a friendly reminder that Monday is club meeting night at 7:30.  Hope to see a lot of smiling faces.  This is an important meeting.  Our Treasurer, Bill Runyon, is going to present the club budget for the upcoming year.  Very important to have input from anyone who sees something they feel should be a priority.


We will also be voting for the upcoming Ham of The Year award.  As stated previously, the winner has to be a club member who hasn’t won the award within the last five years. This is to be fair and give those in the club who do something that helps the club pull off all that we do a chance to be recognized for their dedication to the club.  At the last board meeting it was discussed about the length of time that a person should be a member of CARS to also be included.  Most felt that two years minimum was a stretch and suggested that the club accept nominations from anyone who’s at least been a member for one year.


Already several names are floating out there and I do not have them in front of me. Van, our secretary will present the names we have already received and accept nominations from the floor before voting begins.


The hams that have won within the past five years and not eligible at this time for the award are:


Dick Peglowski, KE4SAV (2015)

Bill Fairing, W1ATA (2014)

Paul Buckwalter, K4PRB (2013)

Bill Runyon, WF4R (2012)

Norm Harris, K4NDH (2011)


Looking forward to seeing as many of you as can make it.





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