Club Nets

If you’re free this evening don’t forget about the Sunday Night CARS net. 8:00 pm every Sunday evening.  We meet on the 146.820 MHz repeater with a 162.2 Hz tone in analog mode. 

Just an informal net to practice net procedures and to discuss whatever items of interest the participants wish to discuss. 

We are looking for a few good operators to give being net control a try. If we can get three or more people then each control op would only look at running the net once every three to four weeks. Perfect opportunity for our newly licensed hams to get their feet wet in communications. 

Also every Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm we have our ARES net (C-A-R-E-S). This net is geared specifically to a topic concerning emergency communications support for the City of Chesapeake.  This net also meets on the 146.820 MHz repeater with a 162.2 PL Tone in analog mode. 

Look forward to hearing everyone on the air. 

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