District 5 ARES – WinLink Information

Some useful information on using Winlink in the Virginia Beach / Chesapeake area.

A local user (Frank Stapanowich) has shared information on a local Va Beach Digipeater.

  • The KN4DUF-10 Winlink Gateway has been upgraded to the latest version of VARA FM 4. This version offers the following improvements:
    ** The addition of a digipeater capability to extend the effective range similar to AX.25 Packet but without collision protection. Up to two digipeaters are supported.
    ** Significantly improved weak signal operation through the addition of a lower data rate speed level.
    ** Improvements for operation with inexpensive HT radios and through voice repeaters.
    ** Various performance enhancements.
    ** VARA FM callsign sign display displays station IDs currently using the channel
    **New Ping feature showing VU readings and Signal to Noise Ratios
  • New version can be downloaded at https://rosmodem.wordpress.com/
    There are several user/setup guides available at this web site.
    *** Important: Version 4 is not backwards compatible with version 3. You must upgrade to version 4 if you are trying to connect to a gateway running version 4. ***
    As always, there is a free low speed license and a fast paid license available. There is no additional license fee for upgrades to version 4 if you already have a paid version.
    Please test Both VARA FM and VHF packet ports on this gateway as much as possible. Frequency is 145.090 MHz.
  • Advise me of any problems at kn4duf@gmail.com


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