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A few people had concerns about posting to the site and having those posts automatically go to the club’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

That option has been changed.  Right now only the admin account will broadcast over social media.  It appears that you as a user can tell the site to connect to your own Facebook/Twitter feeds, etc. If you would like to share there.  We will be working to test that feature and see if this is indeed correct.

UPDATE:  Yes, you can post articles here to your own Facebook/Twitter feeds if you have an account on those services and want to share with your followers who might not be looking at CARS.publish_1

When you are typing a post for the site you will see the publish box in the upper right corner. Click Edit Details and you get:


If you have your services set up you will see them listed with a check box.  Otherwise you will see Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. with a + sign.  Click that and add your login credentials to those services.  All of your posts will now share with those services unless you come to this drop down box and uncheck them.

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