Fun at Shack Day

Today was a busy day at the CARS hamshack for Shack Day. 

Several people came by to join our ranks, radio repairs were going on, coffee and doughnuts and my favorite, flying a drone. 

Kevin, KM4YMR, brought his drone by the shack and I was very surprised how easy it was to fly. 

You connect your smartphone to the drone to view what the camera is seeing, instruct the drone to take off and land, shoot pictures or HD video. Here are some shots Kevin got today. 

Bill, WF4R, Bill, N3WM and several other club members checked out the Collins radio today and found we have a final that’s bad and will only transmit at 30 watts. We are going to price a replacement and get that replaced as soon as possible. 

It’s nice to see glowing tubes. Not something you see much today with all the new solid state gear that’s available. 

For those who were unable to join us today, we hope to see you next time. Get out and enjoy this wonderful weather we are going to have this weekend!

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