Ham club puts repeater on air in Lewisville

220 MHz repeaterThe Lewisville Amateur Radio Association recently installed a 220 MHz (1.25 meter) repeater to serve the Lewisville area. A repeater receives radio transmissions on one frequency and rebroadcasts them from a fixed position on a slightly different frequency. Repeaters are used by hobbyists as well as for emergency communications.
The repeater is reachable by licensed ham radio operators on an input frequency of 222.480 MHz with a PL Tone of 110.9 Hz. Anyone can listen on 224.080, which is the output frequency.

Currently, the repeater is operated from a club member’s home in southern Lewisville on a 45-foot tower. The group is looking for a permanent home in donated space on a tower or on top of a tall building. Property owners interested in helping with public safety and support of amateur radio can contact the club through its website, w5lvc.org.

via Lewisville Texan Journal


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