Ham radio club will celebrate 40th anniversary

Side note: CARS is 38 years old this year.

On April 22, HARA will celebrate its 40th anniversary with a dinner at the Hillsboro First United Methodist Church. Levo said an invitation is extended to current members, past members, former licensed hams, and others interested in amateur radio and radio communications.

It is the use of ham radios and related events that Levo says is what kept him interested all these years – talking to people around the world, attending trade shows and conventions, and the places those events have taken him.

It was at one of those shows in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho that Levo said he hooked up with a group of hams trying to make contact with someone in all 3,076 U.S. counties.

Levo said it took him about 20 years to do it, but he is now among about 1,500 people who have accomplished the feat.

Once when he was working a station in Santiago, Chile, Levo said he was talking to a man who asked him if the Nazarene Church in Hillsboro was still about a block away from the Highland County Courthouse. Apparently, the man had been a missionary in the Hillsboro area for a time. Another time he was working a station in Australia when a man he contacted said he had been training for a tool and dye position at Milacron in Cincinnati, and that the people the man stayed with took him for a weekend picnic at Rocky Fork Lake.

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