Hampton Roads Hamtrader

A local source for Amateur Radio Equipment & Accessories for sale by individuals.

Finally after a year of discussion we have launched the Hampton Roads Hamtrader. This flyer is open to all Ham Radio operators in Eastern VA & NC. A copy will always sit on the VBARC & VADXCC websites. This is currently a free service to the Amateur Radio population of Eastern VA and Eastern NC. You are welcome to submit any Ham Radio Items (Radios, Tuner, Pwr Supplies, Accessories, Digital Equip, Tubes, Mics, Antennas, etc.) to be listed on this pdf / page below. Please supply a picture (jpeg), description, price and contact information to list. The distribution is going to VBARC, RASON, CARS, PARC, WTRA, TAARS, VADXCC, Wisconsin Club, SPARK, PARC, MPARC, Williamsburg and Gloucester. The frequency will depend on submissions and changes from individuals.

If you want to sell something just follow the instructions on the page. You can direct any questions to Bob Zabot
(K4NTO) via email to HRHamTrader@yahoo.com


Send all submittals to HRHamTrader@yahoo.com

Once sold please contact us back with the sale detail for local reference.

Hampton Roads Hamtrader.pdf (Current Version) on W4UG Web Site  ** LINK **