KA4AQM SK Estate Sale Items

There are several items available from Randy Melton’s (KA4AQM of beautiful downtown Deep Creek) estate.

Sale Item Asking Price Sold? Contact
Astron RS-35M Power Supply $125 KM4ALL
Icom IC-02AT VHF-FM Hand-held $30 KM4ALL
Alpha Delta Delta-4 4 position coax switch $75 KM4ALL
Alpha Delta Delta-4 4 position coax switch $75 KM4ALL
A. W. Sperry SR-50 Clamp-on amp meter $25 KM4ALL
Royce Model 2-098 SWR-Power Meter – HF $25 KM4ALL
Micronta 22-206 FET Volt Ohm Meter (VOM) $20 KM4ALL
Micronta 22-024 Transistor Tester $8 KM4ALL
MFJ MFJ-281 ClearTone Speaker $10 KM4ALL
MFJ MFJ-281 ClearTone Speaker $10 KM4ALL
RCA 8 Ohm 15/30 Watt small Speaker $10 KM4ALL
DenTron Big Dummy – Dummy Load HF-UHF $10 KM4ALL
Palomar Engineers RF Interference Ferrite Bead Kit $10 KM4ALL
ARRL Antenna Book – 20th Edition 2005 $5 KM4ALL
Parker Publishing Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits – 1975 $5 KM4ALL
Icom IC-27A Transceiver $50 K5VIP
Kenwood TS-830S Transceiver $400 K5VIP
Kenwood VFO-240 Remote VFO $125 K5VIP
Kenwood SP-230 Filtered Speaker $75 K5VIP
Kenwood MC-50 Microphone $50 K5VIP
MFJ-812B VHF SWR/Power Meter $25 K5VIP
Heil Microphone Cable for Kenwood (new) $30 K5VIP
Hallicrafters S-38B (Needs major work) ?? K5VIP
Miscellaneous Old Books (10) ?? K5VIP

You can also find a PDF of the items held by KM4ALL here.

If you are interested in any of these items, please contact the appropriate person listed in the table:

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