Need a chair or two?

If you have been to the shack recently you will say it's an understatement that we are tripping over chairs. We have got to get rid of all these excess chairs so we have a functional clubhouse again for meetings and operating events.

So we have ten nice rolling chairs we want to offer to all club members if you need one or more for your shack, computer room, etc. One of these chairs is a grey high back chair like the one behind the presidents desk right now.

With all reports saying rain will start moving in Friday evening, I am willing to be at the clubhouse Thursday evening between 7 to 7:30 pm for pickup. I just need an email to or you can reply here, or on the club's Facebook page, letting me know there is interest.

If not, they will either be discarded or we will see if Goodwill would like them. It would be nice to get these out Thursday evening so we have room for Monday evenings club meeting.

Here are pictures of chairs:

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