Need antenna mounts?

Several years ago the club made some heavy duty antenna mounts that were to be used at various shelters in The City of Chesapeake.  The city decided to go with something smaller and we have been stuck with these in the shack ever since. 

These are nice and sturdy. They come out enough that once mounted they should clear any gutters, etc. they are designed to hold a vertical. 

These items will be available to any amateur who may have use for them. Shack Day in December (12/19) is probably going to be the best time to grab them unless someone has the shack open sooner.  

I already have one person that has emailed me about wanting a couple of them. Any that are not picked up by the end of shack day will be thrown away. 

Hate to do this but there is just too much stuff in the shack that will never be used by the club. Would like to find these go to someone who can find a good use for them.