What is DMR?

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is an open standard defined by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute). This commercial standard provides for two simultaneous communications paths in a 12.5kHz channel similar to Project 25 Phase II and NXDN.

Minimal Equipment Required

  • Your own unique DMR ID: A DMR ID is required in order to access ham radio DMR resources. Visit, register with your amateur radio call sign and obtain a DMR ID. (You will need to upload an Official Copy of your FCC Amateur Radio License.) Like a telephone number or IP address, your Radio ID identifies you as a unique radio user on the various DMR networks and repeaters around the world. has an automated registration process that allows you to instantly get a unique DMR ID.
  • DMR-capable radio: A DMR-capable radio is required. The radio will need to be programmed with your unique DMR ID and
  • A local DMR repeater or DMR hotspot: If no local DMR repeaters are available (or accessible) from your QTH, a DMR Hotspot and an Internet connection can be used to connect your radio to the DMR network.


  • DMR Basics: N4EDV assembled a DMR Basics document that provides an overview of how DMR works, common terminology, and a sampling of talkgroups used on the Brandmeister DMR Network.