Resignation from the board of CARS

The evening of December 5th, I tendered my resignation with the board of CARS as immediate past president.  I requested that I be removed as registered agent of the corporation.  The next day I sent a file to the President and others on the board with the passwords to online accounts and the server keys to this server.  I am sharing this information with you here because I do not want it ever to be said that I did not turn over materials in my possession to the board.

As of this evening, December 10th, 5 days later…  I have yet to have any acknowledgement of my emails and receipt of the necessary files on this system.

This is a problem that has been festering for almost all of 2018 and came to a head in September I believe, when the board was discussing taking action against a fellow club member for supposedly treating someone in an unprofessional manner.  In fact, this was being discussed for several weeks yet I was not included in any of these discussions. The members of the board know that besides working full-time, I am also responsible for the care of my elderly mother.  This doesn’t leave much time to attend every meeting we have.

The only reason I found out about this was an email that was sent to the board and at the meeting the person who sent the email realized I was included and gave me the impression I was not supposed to have received it.  In fact, I was told if I wanted to know what the board was doing then I needed to attend meetings.  Guess that means the minutes I had been posting to the site are not an accurate reflection of what is being discussed in those meetings. In case anyone wishes to doubt my conclusions, I recorded the board meeting in question.  Under Virginia Law, we are a one-party consent state. That means as long as the person recording the conversations is also involved, it’s legal.

The night of the meeting I attended, the person who was making the complaint was kept secret yet in an open meeting that anyone could attend, the person that was accused of wrong doing was being talked about openly.  I had a problem with how this was being handled and I did my best to defend someone who has been a friend of mine and a good number of people in CARS for years.  Apparently, that did not sit well and it all boiled down to what is in the attached email below.  When things get to the point that its open hostility then there’s no reason to stay on in any capacity.  If the members of the board are not interested in past history of this club, who am I to stand in the way of their learning the hard way?

I am also tired of trying to do the right thing and keep all that goes on with the board quiet.  So I am sharing the final email I have sent on December 5th.  I wish the members of this club all the success they can find in the hobby.  Also remember, board meetings are open to the membership.  If you want to see CARS be what it has always been.  Take time to get involved and know what is being decided on and make your voice known.

It has been a pleasure of mine to have been actively involved in this club for the past 15 years.  It saddens me that it has reached this point, yet in life, doors open and doors close.  My email address is below.  I look forward to hearing from any members who want to keep in touch.

Keith Ainsley, KG4ZXK

From: Keith Ainsley <>
Date: Wed, Dec 5, 2018 at 10:51 PM
Subject: John Cooper Emails…
To: Michael Tromba <>, Dennis Watson <>, Bill Runyon <>, VAN ROWE JR <>, Mr Bill Mellema <>

I find it interesting I was told he was sent a letter and now I’m told  it was email according to Jeff.  Either way, I was able to get the email threads to come off gmail properly and I have created three pdf documents of those email threads from gmail.  These are around 1/24/2018 which is the last time I had any communications with John Cooper.


So I would dare anyone to read these and tell me that there was anything that would make someone feel humiliated, treated badly and would lead to them crying and leaving the club.  Any of my comments, observations are my words and I stand by everything I have written.  If anyone has a personal problem with the information I shared with John, that’s your problem, not mine.
Back story on the files.  We were working to try and get amazon web services billing straight.  That is one thread.
Another thread was discussing why information about upcoming training class was never sent so that it could be put on the site and get the information out to the general public.  Which had a response from John Cooper asking What would you do Mr. Past President.  Which resulted in the final email.  That evening was the last time I ever heard anything about John Cooper and it was several months later that I was told that Bill Mellema told those in attendance at a board meeting that “John Cooper said it was Keith that made him feel so bad and leave.”  I find it interesting that this is the only name in conversation for the remainder of the year about John and the comment,  In Virginia Beach and other clubs.  Anyone that knows John says they see him and he hasn’t said anything.  So I honestly do not know what to believe from this board any more.
What I find interesting is this.  Over the past several months I have had disagreement with how this board conducts its business.  Especially in terms of proper record keeping reflecting what is taking place or discussed in a board meeting.  If you noticed, the board has failed to turn over any meeting minutes for the past several months to be placed on the server.  However, in all my communications I have kept that within the confines of the board.  I have not ran out to the membership or the greater amateur radio community and said anything in public about this.  Yet apparently, the board or someone on the board seems to have no problem in discussing me and this accusation to people.
So imagine my surprise this week when I am at work in Suffolk City Hall and an amateur that lives in Western Tidewater outside of Suffolk bumps into me at city hall.  In the course of my conversation he goes “Keith, I hear you drove John Cooper out of CARS.  What’s up with that?”  This person is not a member of CARS and doesn’t travel into the greater 7 cities that often.  When I asked where did he hear such a story his response was “Well a few people mentioned this not long ago and I heard that this was coming out of CARS.”  Thanks a lot to whoever decided to spread this claim.
So enjoy these emails.  If John was actually sent a letter then you need to get that from him because I don’t send letters and have not in over 6 to 7 years.
 Accept this email as my resignation from the board of CARS in the position of Immediate Past President. I plan on keeping my club membership but I do not want to be bothered anymore with the management of this club.
Except for Bill Runyon and Dennis, I have no confidence in the remaining members of this board.  I don’t have trust with you and therefore I really don’t want to have any business dealings with you.
I request that as of this date you find someone else to be registered agent for the State Corporation Commission.  I will no longer deliver any correspondence from the state to the board. Any mail received will be returned to the post office to go back to Richmond.  It’s the boards responsibility to make the change with the SCC.  I am not going to spend money on paper and stamp to do your job for you.
I plan on doing no further work for this club.  That includes any further work on the domain, web and email servers.  I will also no longer keep telling the board what is coming up and needs to be paid.  I think I have done that enough.
Doors open and doors close.  It’s time to close a door and enjoy other parts of my life.
Keith Ainsley
Former Immediate President
Former Webmaster

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