Richard Graham – N5RAG, SK

It’s with great sadness that I share the news of the passing of Rich Graham, N5RAG.Richard lost his battle from cancer on the evening of December 11th.

For those who remember, Rich was a very active member of CARS when he was living in Chesapeake and in the Coast Guard. After his retirement his family moved to Texas in late 2000s.

I was fortunate to have got to have seen him and Mary last June when they were in town for their daughters wedding.  Especially, not knowing this would be our last visit.

From newsletter editor, to club Treasurer, Rich had a lot of love for CARS and Amateur Radio and always enjoyed Field Day.

Rich, N5RAG, at his last Field Day with CARS in 2005. Trying to make sure we were following instructions.

I am thankful I was able to call Rich a friend and will miss him a lot. I appreciate his advice and council the first time I was president of CARS. He had a great way of putting things in perspective and see things in different ways.

Here is the link to the funeral home and page to share condolences with his family if you desire.

Obituary for Rich Graham

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