Semi-Annual Fall Hampton Roads Fox Hunt

The Radio Amateur Society of Norfolk (RASON), Virginia Beach Amateur Radio Club (VBARC), and Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service (CARS) are jointly supporting and encouraging ‘Fox Hunting’ to hone the Amateur Radio Operator’s directional finding skills. This is simply one of the many fun aspects of the amateur radio hobby and is seated in tradition and fellowship. It is also a way for the non-amateur to become familiar with some aspects of the hobby, as well as participate.

The Next Hunt

Please join us for the next hunt on Saturday, October 30th 2021 at Woodstock City Park (5709 Providence Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23464).

Talk in will be on the 146.54 simplex.

The transmitter(s) will be on the air at the same time (approximately 12:00 p.m.) and will terminate transmission at 5:00 p.m.

The Foxes

The following transmitter(s) are planned for this fox hunt. Please note additions/subtractions/changes to this list may occur at the event.

  • Fox #1 – NB6B/B (500 mw at most, depending on pre-event tests) – 147.435 Mhz.
  • Fox #2 – K4DGW (500 mw) – 144.010 Mhz.
  • Fox #3 – K4DGW (500 mw) – 146.565 Mhz.
  • Fox #4 – WF4R/B1 (500 mw) – 147.495 Mhz.
  • Fox #5 – WF4R/B2 (500 mw) – 147.465 Mhz.
  • Fox #6 – KO4JUZ (50 mw) – 147.555 Mhz.

Additional Information

For more information including the rules and boundaries of this Fox Hunt, please refer to the Fox Hunt Rules document available here.

Want to build your own tape measure Yagi antenna?

For those interested in building a tape measure Yagi antenna to use for fox hunting, you can find NT1K’s 3 Element Tape Measure Yagi antenna plans here.


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