Simulated Emergency Test (SET) Saturday, October 1st!

Virginia can experience bad weather at any time – Coastal areas, are subject to hurricanes or high winds with tidal flooding. The piedmont and highland areas can experience flooding from extended storms. Exercise Name – Event Horizon – a point of no return – in general relativity, a point in which gravity becomes so great that not even light can escape.

The purpose of this exercise is to provide participants with an opportunity to evaluate current response concepts, plans, and capabilities for a response to a widespread serious weather event or disaster in Virginia. This may include all county and city amateur radio operators, their served agencies, as well as ARES section leadership, and State and Federal Emergency Management Agencies. The exercise will concentrate on providing communications backup and continuity to our served agencies. To provide a public demonstration – to served agencies and through the news media – of the value to the public which Amateur Radio provides in time of need. To provide training and experience in communicating under simulated emergency conditions. To provide a framework allowing all District Emergency Coordinators, Emergency Coordinators and Net Managers to evaluate how well they are performing.

Steve, KE8YN, is always looking for additional volunteers.  If you are available to assist for a few hours on Saturday please shoot him an email at  You can download the SET packet here: 2016 ARES Simulated Emergency Test (SET) Exercise Plan for Event Horizon-16.


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