Sister Club – Ortsverband T-15

Welcome to our sister club Ortsverband T-15.   Ortsverband or OV for short just means ham radio club and T-15 is a region abbreviation given by the German DARC (similar to ARRL).  The club is located in Illertissen, Germany.   Illertissen is a small town in Bavaria and located in the middle of other small countryside towns where the members live.  Illertissen is about 15 miles from ULM, 100 miles west of Munich, and about 60 miles north of the Alpes mountain range and close to the Austrian and Swiss border.  The club has a small shack not quit as large as ours.  Check out their website at  You might want to brush up on your German.

We will be attempting to contact the club and our fellow CARS member Raymond, KK4NBF, during shack day on Saturday, May 11, 2013.  Come and meet our new ham friends.