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Good afternoon.  Before I pull away from club business to enjoy the Christmas Holiday, I wanted to update you on one of the goals I have been pursuing: Timely updates to club activities.  I believe all club members should  have easy access to all club general and board meeting minutes.  That process has now started.

If you go to the top menu and highlight club information you will see a drop down. Highlight club officers, committees & documents, then highlight club documents & reports.  You will then see the drop down options to view the clubs bylaws, general meeting minutes and board meeting minutes.

As we are able, we will work to add prior year minutes that we have available as well.

This is different from club meeting highlights in the fact these are the official minutes from each type of meeting.

These documents will be available not long after each meeting and you can download and view anytime you wish.  These documents will no longer be sent out in a monthly email.  However, it is important that all club members try out your account sign in credentials.  It’s possible we may decide to make the board minutes member only viewing while leaving the general club minutes open to all.  If you are finding you are not able to log in, or have any other problems accessing the site, please let me know by sending an email to

Just a few of the details that are being decided on.


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