Springfest is here!

All the planning and work has lead to this: another Springfest 🙂

Flier stated Tailgating if weather permits at 7:00 am. With today’s winds we had problems taping off the parking spaces for tailgating. 

All parking is in the rear. When you come to the back the row of parking spaces along the chain link fence on the right is for tailgating. 

Someone should be monitoring 146.820 repeater if you have questions. Repeater does use a 162.2 Hz PL tone for access. 

We should definitely be there between 7 & 7:30 to be able to get inside when the Moose Lodge officials opens the door. From 7:30 to 8:30 we will be allowing those who have indoor tables access to set up their tables. Our flier says 9:00 am for the event but with the weather and low temps, everyone can start looking around and purchasing after 8:30. 

Moose lodge will open their kitchen after 8:30. 

Please remember: no parking in front of the Moose Lodge. The front parking spaces are for moose members access to their bar/restaurant area in the hall. No one is to dispose of unwanted items in their dumpsters at the back of the building.  

Anyone needing a ticket, questions about tickets or tables they’ve purchased, etc.  please see a club representative at the CARS table as you enter the inside door. 

VE testing session will start at 1:30. Please have your ID and licenses if you are upgrading, however, there is wifi available in the hall so the VE examiners should be able to check the FCC database if you’ve forgotten a document. 

Thanks to everyone helping with setup and the testing session. Thanks to the vendors who have supported us this year. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported this event for all the years we have been putting it on. We hope everyone has an enjoyable time. 

If you’re looking for some good old gear I spotted plenty being brought in this afternoon. 


Keith, KG4ZXK

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