The goal of the website changes

Hopefully every member has gotten their emails with how to get access to the website. I know there are a few people we still have to get in the system and that is being worked on.

The main reason we want you as a member to have a sign-on to the site is we are going to add a members only area to the site down the road.  This may be for information we only want to share with the members and not the world at large.  There are some other features we want to add and having a sign-in will make doing those things easier.  So stay tuned to when we have new things coming.

Years ago, CARS had a newsletter called the Spectrum. In it, we posted the happenings in the club, minutes from board and general meetings and a sprinkle of tech articles from very good hams we had as members during that time period.

Over the years, the newsletter dropped because we had no one who wanted to put in the work to keep doing it. Information wasn’t getting out like it used to and I am hoping the changes being done here on the site will change that.

Here is one change that I hope will stay forever with CARS.


If you have noticed, during the Special Event Station for the Battle of Great Bridge, there was information you could reach with these drop down menus.  I am doing the same thing with club information.  A page called Club Meeting Recaps is there.  You will then see the year and then each month will be to the right.  Shortly after each general meeting a page will be added that will give a brief summary of the events that took place at that meeting.  The secretary’s report with more detail will still be available under club by-laws & documents but if we have a special guest speaker, etc.  There will be some pictures and other items available on the club recap pages.

Starting with this December’s board meeting and the January General meeting you will have access to board and general club minutes on the site.

We are going to get away from thousands of emails sent out to the membership, unless it’s of a nature we feel would be best not posted on the website.  Example during emergencies, etc.  Other than that all you will have to do is come here when it’s convenient for you.  The calendar will be more up to date and when we have a program and you hover over the calendar link you will see quickly what the presentation will be about.

Think of this website as the old Spectrum newsletter only better.  If I can find some old copies I will get them posted here for you to take a look at. This is better than the old Spectrum because it’s interactive.  Right now the club has a reflector on Yahoo.  Not everyone is using it.  We are hoping we can recreate that type of environment on the website.  Do you have something you want to sell?  Are you a new ham that is trying to figure out what’s a good HF rig to purchase for your first radio? All members have the ability now with that sign in to post to the site as I am doing now.  If you have social media feeds that you use, you can share the post with those outlets.  IF you choose to.  The system will not automatically send your request out on the CARS social accounts. If someone is visiting the site and wants to comment on your post they can do that as well.  However, non members comments are moderated for content before being allowed to show in the conversation.

We are looking at the possibility of putting an actual reflector on our server so instead of having to deal with Yahoo, Google or some other group where you have to set up a whole new account, you can do it all here on the web site.

I know that for some of our members, you are not used to working with such a web site and you might not understand all that you can do with the access you have just been given.  January and February meetings have already been set.  We are going to look at possibly using the March meeting as a introduction of what you as a user can do on the website, or we may take several shack days and take some time to show you how to navigate and do other things.  Also you can ask me anytime.  Shoot me an email if you would feel more comfortable with your questions and we can help you get through understanding how to use all the features.

Or if you choose not to use any of them, that’s ok as well.  The goal is to make sure you have access to whatever we decide to add to the sit to enhance the experience for you as well as visitor who comes across the site.

So please start getting used to checking out the site more often.  This is where everything that is going on with the club will be kept.  Changed your email account and forgot to tell us to update the membership roster?  You won’t miss anything going on. It will all be kept here.

That’s what my goal has been with trying to make the club’s website better.  It’s going to take a little time but as we add more information to the site I believe you will appreciate the changes that are taking place.



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