The Next Generation of Hams

Video talk by Ward Silver N0AX about the next generation of radio amateurs, given at the TAPR/ARRL Digital Comunications Conference (DCC)

Whatever ham radio rut you’re stuck in — ragchewing on 75, DX on 20, the daily commute on a repeater — it’s good to listen to Ward Silver N0AX to break out for a while and look… in this case, forward across the horizon and think about what ham radio – and hams – will look like in a decade or three.

This is the least technical talk of the conference. It led off the Saturday morning sessions, and provided a good foundation for the purpose behind the more technical talks to follow.

Radio Rating: A+. Ward has slides, but they’re mostly text ‘headlines’ that he expands on. Ward is an excellent public speaker, and you won’t miss a thing without video.

This is a follow-on talk from Ward’s 2015 keynote at the DCC Banquet in 2015, released online in February 2016 as HamRadioNow Episode 242: Ham Radio… Now What?.

Watch HRN 360: The Next Generation of Hams – Ward Silver at the DCC.

Thanks to Southgate Amateur Radio News for this story.

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