The shack is getting cleaner!

There’s a lot of useless junk in the shack. As you can see we have found a much better place for it. The dumpster behind the building.

From now on anyone who brings stuff to the clubhouse and expects to leave it. If it’s worthless junk no one wants, it’s going in the dumpster. No more using the clubhouse as a junkyard.  We need as much room as we can get to store what’s needed and what will be used by the club. Especially with us not having the extra offsite storage we used to have.


2 thoughts on “The shack is getting cleaner!”

  1. I strongly believe that before stuff gets discarded an effort should be made to let the members know, so if someone does want their stuff back they have a chance to get it.

    I had an overhead projector thrown away by an over zealous person thinking they had the right to throw stuff away without asking. I’m still upset about that fact. I was using that item in training classes.

    So next time someone gets a hair up their kazoo, how about at least ask if someone is still using what ever it is that annoys that person and wants to get rid of it.

    My two-cents.

  2. Bill, I agree with you. That is not what was taking place here.

    The only items that were being tossed was mostly trash. There were cardboard displays from public outreach events back from 2003 that were being kept. There is no need for them. There were tons of binders with net check ins and ten year old tour de cure papers that we don’t need.

    The only items that became an issue were the speakers that were sitting in the main entryway. I was told by two people that those speakers were junk left by someone. However, Barry advised me what they were used for and they have been returned one of the storage rooms.

    The Only point I wanted to make is we just don’t have room to accept everything that gets left at the clubhouse. Not with the loss of having the old ccst trailer like we used to have.

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