Tips for Chosing your First Radio for Your Ham Station and getting on the AIR!

I often get emails from new Technician class hams asking what should they buy for their first ham radio station. Questions such as “What is the best 2 meter radio?” “Should I start out with an ht or get a mobile for use in the house with a DC power supply?” “There are so many brands and models out there, I am so confused that I don’t know what to buy and don’t know where to start, can you help me?” “I also want to get on HF but just don’t know where to start.” “What is the best antenna I should buy or should I build one?” And on and on with similar questions asking me to help them decide on what is “best” for them to get on the air.

Well the simple answer is I don’t know! Only you know what your goals and operating conditions are and the number of dollar bills in your wallet and many other variables.

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