Tour de Cure Event is Sat April 29, 2017

2017 Hampton Roads Tour de Cure


Location: King’s Fork High School

Address: 351 King’s Fork Road, Suffolk VA. 23434

When: April 29, 2017


This is Van Rowe (KM4KBS) with a request to all local Ham Operators who would like to help assist and be a radio operator for the upcoming 2017 Tour de Cure event on Saturday April 29th in Suffolk, VA.


We are excited to be helping our community in providing radio communications for this years Tour de Cure bicycling race and fundraiser event. We are still accepting radio operators / volunteers to help operate at one of the Rest Stop locations. If you have not already done so, please visit the Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service (CARS) Website and click on the “Public Service” Tab followed by the “Tour de Cure” link to access the event information page details.


Please make sure you have signed the Tour de Cure event Waiver HAM form and fill out your insurance information on this form along with the blank fields along the side form (T-Shirt Size / Last Name / First Name) Please have this form filled out and if possible scan & email it back to me so we can turn it into the event coordinator to pickup the T-Shirts sizes ahead of time. If you can’t, please bring it with you to the King’s Fork High School on the day of the event when you check into the EOC.


We also need each person to take a look at the Rest Stop locations map and if you have a rest stop operating location preference, please respond and let me know which two (2) locations you would prefer. (Primary choice / Secondary choice)

We want to make sure we have enough operators at each location and hopefully we can pair up the new licensed operators with an experienced one who can help answer any questions or show some support to the new operators.


Please see the links below for more information and details which can also be found on the Tour de Cure page under “Public Services” on the website.

Thank you for your time and community service in helping out with this years Hampton Roads Tour de Cure event.


Chesapeake Amateur Radio Service “Tour de Cure” Event Page:

Rest Stop Volunteer Time (Setup & Breakdown)

Tour-de-Cure-Station-Assignments-Details​ (Locations)

Rest Stop / Radio Operator Locations Map

Official Tour de Cure Website:

Google Maps Link

Van Rowe Jr.

KM4KBS – Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Chespeake, VA

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