‘Winch-It-Up’ Universal Mast Launcher

I’m not out to re-invent the wheel-maybe just putting a little more air in a soft tire. I was looking for a universal mast support for Field Day portable or fixed use that met a few requirements:

Easy to handle and set-up by one or two people (two much easier)
Is inexpensive
Can support a hex antenna with rotator on top
Can reach at least a 40′ height using a strap winch
Can be easily moved to the site in a pickup truck
Can be used over and over

The product I came up with is 10-12′ high when assembled (Figure 1) and has its’ main section made from a 4x4x12′ pressure treated (pt) beam. The longest section is 6-1/2′ (lower part). It has to accommodate the adding/removing of 5′ mast pieces and space for a strap winch. The top section can vary from 4 feet to 5-1/2 feet long. The shorter length could be better for portable use if reaching the top standoff bracket is a long reach with a stepladder. Figures 1, 2, both show the top section with 4 feet due to easier ladder accessibility.

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